dream ranch

~ All sky, no cattle ~

Nothing like: a “you’re stable” report from the good people at Presbyterian oncology, three years out from treatment; a celebratory shredded beef burrito with green chile at the Range afterward; returning home to Cowboy and my books with a view up the camino of thunderheads rising to the north. I will savor those parts of …

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Did I really wake to a world where the president of the United States fumed again on Twitter at a couple of TV hosts? Bitterness spewed internet-wide over coverage of himself on a show I’ve never watched? Will the Trumps go on a Fourth of July picnic and eat hot dogs and potato salad? With …

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Home from the cancer doc with Coop. No news is good news. I’m one year out from treatment today. I’m going to stay out of the wind and read and give old Coop’s paws a break from our rocky trails. Everything’s OK. And thanks to Lori for being our friend.