dream ranch

~ All sky, no cattle ~

She gave us life and love, one and all. My thoughts this morning embrace Pat, Rob, Sally, Jane, Hope and Winifred as well as you, Mom. And for you, who told me to rise and shine, here is the first bird I heard singing this morning. I think it is a female Scott’s Oriole.

My mother’s pencil sketch of her cottage and the bay at Hadlock, Washington, leaves me thinking about the uncertainty of human distance, how far we will travel. A question lingers in the moment of the drawing, sent to me after her death in 1979. “12 miles?” my mother asked in her neat hand, maybe wondering …

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I live by your golden rules today. I miss your company. Seven kids: three boys and poor baby Sally, then three healthy girls, almost 20 years later. We lost Rob, who you are tending to here way back when. Now, two of your daughters have kids and you have grandchildren, too. I wish we could …

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