I woke as usual, running through a silent inventory of body and sky.

Is it clear as it almost always is? Are the limbs still working ? Am I ready for this day?

The sky seemed gray too late in the morning, after pink should have become blue. I squinted harder, seeing snow.

It’s been so warm, my first thought was excited: Snow in June!

No, as I wiggled a toe, rotated an ankle, lifted my hips, stretched my back, raised my head — all parts apparently in working order — I realized it was February as February should be.

It’s hard to grasp the scope of climate change. It’s hard to foresee the map of cancer cells.

But I went to the kitchen to boil water for coffee. Looking out the window for my old buddy Cooper, I knew it was another lucky day.



2 thoughts on “Inventory

  1. Cheryl says:

    exquisitely expressed!… as i celebrate my 52nd spin around the sun here in ojo… all is well…all is well… all is most certainly well

  2. Billie Blair says:

    Cooper and we were spoiled there for a while with the rush of warm weather. My dog was almost sniffing lizards again in the arroyo, Better to have good winter snow and snow melt for the summer, In Taos it has almost always snowed on Easter so it is not over yet. Let it snow!

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