Nothing like: a “you’re stable” report from the good people at Presbyterian oncology, three years out from treatment; a celebratory shredded beef burrito with green chile at the Range afterward; returning home to Cowboy and my books with a view up the camino of thunderheads rising to the north.


I will savor those parts of the afternoon even though doused with sour news as soon as I get back to the hills. But it’s a challenge.

I learn that the reason for the police roadblock and detour on my way to Kaseman Hospital was a fatal traffic accident near Academy and Wyoming. Three people died. For some reason, Melanie Trump has worn a jacket saying “I really don’t care, do u?” on her way to visit migrant children in Texas shelters. It was hard to tell in the cacophony of 5 p.m. tweets how much progress, if any, there had been on reunification of 2,300 migrant kids separated from their parents.

I am a grown up and I will face CNN before I burrow back into my books. I am a believer in human decency, and I’m not sure I believe recent surveys on support for the “very stable genius” Donald J. Trump.  At least I hope decency will prevail. And I hope that a friend’s cancer tests have gone as well as mine.

Best wishes, all, on this longest day of the year.




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