dream ranch

~ All sky, no cattle ~

 I’m getting a head start on Father’s Day, already picking out pictures to celebrate my late, one-of-a-kind, Marine Corps-to-Peace Corps, writer, teacher, newspaperman, linguist father.  Here mocking risk as always on a beach near Yelapa on the Pacific coast of Mexico in 1975. I could live without the snakes but otherwise thanks, Dad.

After making a coronavirus-related shopping note on my calendar for March 31, I looked down again at what I had entered a month earlier. “Hope arrives,” March 30. “Matt and Will arrive,” April 1. This was going to be a fun time, with a sister, brother-in-law and nephew coming from Montana for a spring break. …

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Five days now since the first three cases of coronavirus were confirmed in New Mexico, but it seems longer. It’s been several months since the initial outbreak in China and weeks since the pandemic overtook Italy.  Spain and France are locking down. Restrictions on movement are tightening in the U.S. Even CNN pundits said Trump …

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