We were lucky to have them.

Eleanor, Far (John L. Bjelke), Grandmother (Frances), Nancy, Jack and Barbara. Don’t know when (my mother, Nancy, in Grandmother’s lap, was born in 1930) but surely this is the Bjelke home at 128 S. Main Street, Granville, Ohio.

Back of the photo says: Eleanor, John, Nancy, Frances, Winifred, Jack and Effie Dean Rhodes Heap. Don’t know where Barbara was — maybe home in Colorado.
This is Hadlock, Washington. Eleanor, Barbara, Uncle David and Nancy. I suspect Uncle Bob took the photo.

And big adventures begin, as noted in this item from the Granville Times in May 1948.

Best wishes this Mothers’ Day to all Bjelkes, Wheelers, Garretts, Robertsons and Harpers.

One thought on “Best mothers’ day wishes

  1. Phyllis Garrett says:

    Thanks John! Phyllis

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