For the birds:

johnrobertson@jrobertsonNM· There are scrub jays and titmouses, (Yes, pundits say that’s the plural), and I usually root for the titmouse.

johnrobertson@jrobertsonNM· Still reeling from @nytfood‘s latest Brussels sprout recipe, I am going for a walk.

johnrobertson@jrobertsonNM· And, yes, I read the @newrepublic piece on the Supreme Court and standing before leaving. (All the pandemic stuff, too).

johnrobertson@jrobertsonNM PS: I am a very stable tweeter.

PPS, perhaps wisely off Twitter: I love both jays and titmouses and hope titmouses will be gracious if they inherit the earth.

PPPS, again perhaps wisely off Twitter: If I had the nerve to challenge the New York Times food editor, re this morning’s Brussels sprouts recipe, I would say that cooking things with lots of garlic and balsamic vinegar seems to make things taste a lot like garlic and balsamic vinegar. But, not being a fan of Brussels sprouts, I appreciate suggestions for concealing their identity.

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