Towhee. Lost gloves. Hillside romance. Titmouse. Good book, (hat tip to a friend). Sunday clouds. Last of the Oct. 26-27 snow. Voting souvenir.

More visitors: Titmouse. House finch. Junco. Western bluebird, one of many robins.

Click on Nate Silver/FiveThirtyEight for his final Nov. 3 election forecast.

What’s cookin’.

Also stopping by: Mountain bluebird. Sage thrasher. Williamson’s sapsucker. Northern flicker. Robins for juniper berries.

Passing through.

North end of the Jemez, Oct. 26.

North end of Mount Taylor volcanic field and south end of the Pajarito Plateau, Oct. 27.

Westward, Oct. 30.

Sunrise clouds over the Jemez, Nov. 3.

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