I had hope for a clearer day when I saw a streak of golden light from bed but was reminded how dry the ground was as I rose. I absorbed various facts as I put water out for the birds, made coffee, fed Cowboy, read the news.

It’s still smoky to the west, over the Rio Grande. I cannot see much of Santa Ana Pueblo, Cabezon, the Rio Puerco or the end of the Pajarito Plateau.

It’s clearer to the south and the Western bluebirds and robins are out in gentle force, calling for others, waiting with house finches for a bath, drying off outside the kitchen window.

I get a water memo, reminding me of shortfalls in our knowledge. A titmouse peers out from fence poles. I guess they always look worried.

I keep wondering about survivors.

I am reading the new @LauraPaskus book on climate change and New Mexico, “At the Precipice.” This morning the environment and climate scientist Jonathan Overpeck tweeted: Jonathan Overpeck@GreatLakesPeck· It was a bust monsoon most everywhere. Souls are extra dry headed into a La Niña winter – these tend to drier than normal in the SW. So, the SW megadrought will undoubtedly continue…”

I have been worried by the oxygen saturation levels of the COVID-suffering president being reported higher than the ones for COPD-enduring I. Even so, it’s time for a walk.

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