Wildfire smoke from Colorado and Wyoming cleared some Sunday morning and more birds stopped by, including this Williamson’s sapsucker, the guy with the red throat and yellow chest. I wonder why he evolved with such colors, why God made him the way he did. I don’t see the questions as mutually exclusive.

They come to the water mostly grouped by size: Small, medium and large. Juniper berries linger on trees nearby. The finches and bluebirds share with everybody. The little guys are wary. Everyone scrams when the scrub jays arrive. Maybe unkindly, I call them the bully boys.

PS: Here’s a good story about the Williamson’s sapsucker and its namesake. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/news/the-people-behind-the-birds-named-for-people-williamsons-sapsucker/

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