Politics took my words today. If you follow Twitter, you can see that I’m a little bit lathered about that smirking wise guy from New York. All I’ve got left are pocket-cam pictures from the last couple of nights. Shot from the hip, as always, but unlike the New York Times and Bernalillo County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins, no snakes.






3 thoughts on “Quieting down

  1. dreamrancher says:

    Heh, Larry. I have watched the Bourdain in Montana show — twice. The Harrison parts were good and a nice display of Livingston. All in all, much better than the too-silly one he did in New Mexico. By the way, did you know he has one coming up in the fall where he eats and chats with Obama in Hanoi?

  2. Larry Joseph Calloway says:

    Might help also to watch Anthony Bourdain’s piece on Montana including Jim Harrison. CNN (which I don’t get since cutting satellite beam).Meant it might help yr sanity. LC

  3. Billie Blair says:

    Prefer your view of the world.

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