Today was the day Donald J. Trump claimed enough delegates to clinch the Republican nomination for president.

Today was the day that Michelle Obama gave a speech at the Santa Fe Indian School commencement that referred to her own background and embodied what seemed a heartfelt understanding of the school and its students. She was comforting, wise and inspirational. I suspect she connected.

Trump is my despair because I don’t believe he is concerned about anyone but himself and because I fear his strange, amoral and anti-intellectual appeal crosses party lines, making him more of a threat than Democratic talking heads currently foresee.

Michelle Obama and those students at Santa Fe Indian School are my hope.

Thanks to The Santa Fe New Mexican for livestreaming the speech.

“Your community needs you …. Our world needs you, too.”

And to first-year college students: “The minute you feel like you’re struggling … I want you to ask for help.”

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