Tracking the storm

House finches stocked up before the storm.


It came in fast, right about noon.


Some fellows are suited for the weather.


Then there are birds of a feather.


Some just like to stay inside together.


No sunset views tonight. We may be snowed in by first light.


Thanks to nmPBS, I made it to Royal Albert Hall before going to bed.


But neither am I sure that I belong in heaven.

We had 7.5 inches by Sunday at 11.IMG_1392

Cooper shamed me for dragging my feet and finally we started up the hill.


We have to stop every few minutes because one of us refuses to wear boots, but it’s also a ruse to stay on the loose.


Eventually, we make it to the saddle, but my buddy takes his time. IMG_1461

He always wants to know who else is about, and today we notice the neighbors beat us out.





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