Went for a walk to ward off winter gray.

Good old Sandias. Good old Coop. Good old Redondo. Good old mesas. Good old moon rise.  Good old sunset.


The path was the same, but the light wasn’t as golden as the night before.


I should have been cheerier because I had a warm house to return to and plenty of food.  But it was cold and and it didn’t help that a well pump failed. I started the day by reading about PARCC test performances of New Mexico schools and New Mexico unemployment. I couldn’t shake the old solstice sense of dark days and famine looming.

Coop had to make do with remnants of snow. The Stonehenge in my view was another new house on the ridge. The last thing I read before heading out the door was about conifers dying because of climate change.

How chilling it must have been when change came to Chaco. And damn that the Chacoan equivalent of the Apple Watch was lost to consumer hordes.



























One thought on “Winter solstice

  1. Dolores Donihi says:

    Merry Christmas, John!!

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