What do uncle John and nephew Will do first thing in the morning? Fool around with electronic gadgets, of course.

willandipadMaybe uncle John is a bad influence on this 9-year-old guy, who arrived here in Placitas yesterday from Montana. But I can’t deny him the iPad if the first thing I’m doing is checking the news on the laptop.

With the quiet of the morning to ourselves, we also had a preliminary breakfast of blueberry “buckle,” baked in abundance and sent up the hill by neighbor Lori.

Sister Hope, who announced last night that she probably would slip out for a run this morning before Will and I stirred, seems to be sleeping in.

Cooper is still figuring out what’s with these extra people in the house, but seems to be adapting just fine.

I’m making an adjustment, too, as I continue on medical leave from work. I guess this is the first time since 1977 that I’ve missed an adjournment of the Legislature. Feels pretty weird not to be there. Can’t say I miss it, though. At this point, it’s just hard work. Just sent my best wishes to Deborah Baker and Dan Boyd, who are up there grinding through the final hours for the Journal. Good luck, too, to editor Steve Williams, who is on the receiving end down in Albuquerque.

Now Hope is up, too, reading a story with coffee, before her run.

HopeAnd Will and I put the gadgets aside and got out for a walk with Coop while Hope ran. Susan is going to take them skiing Tuesday.


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