coopbreakfast— I started giving Cooper his breakfast in my office before I head to Albuquerque for cancer treatments, (just a few more to go). He chows down at my side while I have a cup of coffee and rattle around on the iMac. We walk later.

— Sister Hope and nephew Will arrive today and I’ve still got a couple of housekeeping chores to do.Feb. 2014 046 Excited about their coming.

— They are arriving on the thankfully still smooth Delta flight schedule from Helena to Salt Lake to Albuquerque, much faster but maybe not entirely as much fun as this method of travel at home in Montana. Sister Susan is looking to get them a little lift-served skiing while here. And, especially for Will, a trip to the Museum of Natural History and Science also is on the agenda.

—  Looks like rain and wet snow on the Sandias. Susan headed up early today to ski Santa Fe and reported 11 inches of new snow.

— Wired this morning from chemo on Wednesday, but the crash should come later today. Getting familiar with the pattern with just one more chemo to go. Guess that’s good in the end. Strange, new experience these last seven weeks. Coop sometimes looks a little dazed. And I tend to babble.

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