— Chemo brain today. Too foggy to do much. And probably shouldn’t say much.

— Hoping to have lunch after radiation with Peter Katel, but after 41 years of friendship, he’s used to the fogginess. I can’t blame it all on the cancer treatment.

newmexican— Saddened by the dilemma at The New Mexican with the DWI arrest of editor Ray Rivera. I do not know him, but I wish him, the owner and the publisher all the best for a wise and fair outcome.

— I regret a local blogger joking about the Rivera development. This is a very tough deal for Rivera and the newspaper. It seemed to me from the outside that he was popular with staff and readers and represented great hope for the paper.

— I still have a big soft spot for The New Mexican. It’s where Katel and I and other old pals — Howard Houghton, Tony O’Brien and Tom Sharpe — all ended up working together in 1974 — I just starting out. And I am a very fortunate guy that these are bonds that never have been broken. We were pals then and, I know so, still now. David Steinberg, even though he worked for the Capitol bureau of the Journal, was and is still part of the good old gang. And Jeff Moscow, then a New Mexican photographer, now off climbing mountains as a physician in high-level cancer research, always will be a key part of the crew.

— Also saddened to read this morning of the death of the brother of another old friend and colleague from The New Mexican in 1974. Our former city hall reporter and city editor Tom Day lost brother Joe Day, also a journalist. Tom was a great co-worker and boss. Read about his fine family here.

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