Oracle-Team-USA-Photo-Guilain-Grenier-Oracle wins Race 13 on Saturday. New Zealand still leads overall, 8-3 in first to 9 series. Second race of the day postponed. Congratulations to skipper Jimmy Spithill,  tactician Ben Ainslee and the rest of the crew. Brilliant overtaking of New Zealand after New Zealand won the start. Spithill and Ainslee, seeming to read the wind better and making no mistakes, sailed to 1 minute, 24 seconds victory.

A big part of my chauvinism here is simply wanting to keep the Cup defense on San Francisco Bay. It’s been great viewing, although my scow sailing sister up in Montana thinks the cats she’s seen on Flathead look “unwieldy.”

Best place to watch the races probably is on TV because of the multiple, well-placed cameras. But annoying out here in Placitas to hear feral horses whinnying and fussing down the rocky hill while I’m still feeling the thrill from the ocean-breezed bay.

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