huevosIt’s a crying shame that I was too busy working to go out and eat on a three-day trip to Las Cruces.  I know there are good places to go.

It was somewhat pleasant to find that I could purchase a microwavable Thai noodle bowl at the front desk of my hotel. And I’m always happy to find biscuits and gravy at those free morning buffets. (More than once I have chosen lodgings simply because of this offering). But the truth is I was craving chile each night.

Making matters worse, leashed to my laptop with resentment growing, I caught only a glimpse of a fine sunset through my room’s window.

So, it’s mighty fine to be off work and back in my quiet neck of the woods with Coop and Whiting’s coffee. And, for breakfast, huevos rancheros with red chile and Soyrizo, polished off with a fluffy, warm tortilla dripping with sister Hope’s cherry-raspberry-apricot jam.jam

Cooper had his usual, but he’s mostly recovering from three days at the Canine Country ClubCoop on couch.

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