First homes

Enchanted_cottages, Denison University
Enchanted Cottages, Denison University
Grandfathers visit Iowa City  1
Hawkeye Village, Iowa City. Visit from the grandfathers.  Mom, right.
Mom and Rob, Iowa City
Mom bathing brother Rob, Iowa City. Think the running water was down the road.

My first home, married student housing, Denison University campus,  Granville, Ohio, late 1940s. My father, an undergraduate on the GI Bill, would have been 20 and my mother 19. My mother told me they saved nickels for Hershey Bars. Graduate school at Iowa City, where Dad studied at the Writers’ Workshop, was even more spartan — and farther  from families in Granville and Newark. The first Iowa City domicile was an old trailer house with rooms separated by  Army blankets. We then moved up to a relatively plush neighborhood of remodeled Quonset huts.

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