First day of school, Las Vegas

First day of school, Las Vegas, New Mexico, September 1956

Halloween, Iowa City

Halloween get-up, Hawkeye Village, Iowa City, Iowa, 1953

Not sure what my mother was thinking, but dressing the Hawkeye Village kids in women’s clothing seemed to be the gag for Halloween 1953 in Iowa City, Iowa. That’s Pat front row, left. And that’s me, next to him, apparently about to barf.  Nor do I know what Mom was thinking when she dressed Pat and me in short pants for the first day of school in Las Vegas, New Mexico, September 1956. I do believe we were the only two kids wearing shorts at Douglas Elementary School and I suspect we were the last. ( I think there actually is a kid in the background of this photo wearing jeans and suspenders). Pat does not recall the ordeal of the shorts, which I remember precipitating an assault on the way home that day. Turns out that what stuck in my younger brother’s craw all these years was that I had a notebook and he did not.

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