I am long past sentimentality and fart jokes, so I decided to make a pot of pinto beans for my birthday.

My peace-seeking strategy for turning 73 this month is to lie low, monitor reality with history and news and hope that no one in my orbit kicks the bucket anytime soon.

I have beef in the freezer to add to the beans, tortillas in the fridge to mop up the “liquor” and a new book on the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Of course, I have coffee beans, too. I will chill a couple of cans of root beer. My only plans for going out are to walk with Cowboy and maybe go find a fruit pie.

The bean business is easier to write about but I think my current awareness stage has mostly to do with humility. I see more of just about everything every time I look. I am hopeful about the world although I feel smaller in it. I have faith in those younger than I.

I still have too much learning to do to give in now. Fortunately, I feel old only when walking down hill and then just because of one knee.

I’m happy to celebrate all this with beans.

One thought on “Birthday beans

  1. Joe Alarid says:

    Well done John!As I approach 74 your words have special meaning. Thank you.

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