Disorganized late night research led to my iPhone photograph of dawn this morning. It started with Season 6, Episode 7 of Grantchester on Sunday night and my fascination with Leonard’s sermon on forgiveness to fellow prisoners. This led to the sermon’s biblical root, Esphesians 4:32, and an email to the Grantchester episode’s writer, Daisy Coulam, in Wales. Leonard expands the 4:32 message into a broader, practical thought but I don’t know if it is the work of Christian scholars or Ms. Coulam. Soon I was backtracking to Ephesus, which I have visited, and tripping on all the history that extends from there. By the time I started to nod off, dreaming of a return to Turkey, the sun was rising. And later today I’m still not sure if my retirement is directionless or not.

Categories: 2020

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