I have revised my blog format, hopefully making it a little easier to use and a little easier on the eyes.

I have eliminated the “Comments” thing, which wasn’t used much anyway. If you want to reach me to comment or complain you can always email me at dreamranchernm@gmail.com or my personal email address. The biggest issue was that I never new whether my friends intended to have their comments be public. Let me know if you think I have made a mistake by eliminating it.

A couple of you have reported problems with viewing my photos but, sorry, I haven’t been able to find an issue on my end. I checked with WordPress support, too. For what it’s worth, my posts are almost always put together on an iMac desktop. My posts in the new format look fine to me on my laptop and iPhone. Although it might be my photographic abilities alone that are in question. See selfie at left.

As a site administrator I try to keep the baling wire and chewing gum to a minimum but I remain a typewriter guy. Typewriters were still in use when I worked at the Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe Reporter (manuals, no less) and at least my first year (1982) at the Albuquerque Journal. When confronted with a computer issue I don’t understand — usually of my own making — my first instinct is still to panic and yell, “Donn, I lost my story.”

So, this is my latest story and I’m sticking to it for the time being. Sincerely, the Dream Ranch team.

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