I turned 71 last month and decided it was time to grow up. My Dream Ranch blog suddenly seemed immature.

Weighted down by COVID-19, wildfire smoke and political gloom — and some wild criticism to boot — I stopped blogging on June 30. I’ve been searching for other ways to channel my morning words and photos. I haven’t landed on anything firm but this morning’s bird visitors got me going again.

So, for lack of another plan, here I am with some vague sense of Dream Ranch Phase 2. Maybe things will just be shorter. I don’t know. Most of the older stuff is still linked in the tag cloud to the right, including Beans of Fame from 2017.

MTK, as we used to write in the news biz.

2 thoughts on “Morning visits, Dream Ranch Phase 2

  1. Margaret Byrne says:

    Keep on keeping on John!

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