My mind seems like these two: Cowboy looking out the window in the morning and the Georgia O’Keeffe print hanging over my bed.

Cowboy’s ears remind me of the Very Large Array, and I think he sees deep. O’Keeffe’s painting is far-seeing, too, its monoliths and movement called Road Past the View II..

Version 2

Intent as he might look, I know Cowboy’s hyper-focus will end in a minute. One moment a rabbit, raven the next, leaping at any sign of an imminent walk, even the sound of my inhaler, let alone my search for stolen and scattered shoes.

The O’Keeffe is focused if you look just at the road, abstract if you see the road disappearing into the distance. Ethereal might be the word.

But whadda I know? I’m still on my first cup of coffee. Maybe my mind is more like this, the orb obscured by a broken swirl of clouds. Diffuse might be the word.

IMG_2181 2


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