I’m a day early on the fall equinox but waking this 50-degree morning and seeing after the sun rose a couple of blossoms on my un-irrigated autumn sage, I decided to start celebrating.

The pictures aren’t perfect, more fall is coming — cottonwoods, aspen and migrating birds — and I’m sure there is plenty to see in your neighborhood. (Just wait until David Roybal weighs in from Cundiyo). But in my backyard, even the snake weed is glowing, helped by the softer light.


Sunflowers, purple asters and Perky Sues (I think) bloom by the roadsides.


Blackfoot daisies flower again after a later summer rain. Prickly pears ripen.  Blue berries dangle from green juniper boughs, beckoning coyotes, birds and blue heelers.

Things in general seem to move more slowly.


Rain walks around Cabezon.

IMG_5879 3

Contrasts seem sharper.


I see signals in the sky.


Seventieth birthday preserves arrive from sister Hope in Montana.


A young coyote tries to stay dry in State Fair weather.

IMG_5557 2

A duck shows up while open season on lizards continues.

And my partner for all seasons reminds me it’s time to get out.

59063051782__54511717-3545-4491-8D69-A035D9C2B0C6 2

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