My favorite discovery so far this rainy day is that Willie Nelson wrote and originally recorded “Crazy” for his 1962 debut album, “Crazy,” the song soon made more famous by Patsy Cline.

willie nelson 1961 2 .jpg   Willie Nelson, 1962:

pasty cline 1962.jpg    Patsy Cline, 1962:

I am a late learner, so please forgive me, those of you who have known this forever.  I was still suffering through junior high school in Santa Fe in 1962, my only knowledge of love maybe a couple of lingering crushes from Acequia Madre Elementary School a year or two earlier. I don’t believe I acquired a transistor radio until later in the 60s.

I AM NOT GETTING SAPPY. It’s just that I like both versions of “Crazy” and was happy to discover the relationship of the recordings. And I don’t often listen to music anymore — too much CNN has has fried something upstairs or I’m still recovering from newsroom cacophonies, or both — so I don’t know how this happened.

But I also note this Willie Nelson quote from Wikipedia, saying that Patsy Clines’ version of “Crazy” carries “a lot of magic.”

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