This winter-coated young coyote, who along with a mate or sibling has been a familiar sight in the neighborhood, seemed to question MY presence the other morning


A great horned owl perched on a fence post just before dark, with snow starting to blow, and hooted for a mate.


A junco, second from left, shared a juniper Feb. 22 with mountain bluebirds, all soaking up some sun after a morning snow.


Mountain bluebird, cedar waxwings and briefly snowy Redondo Peak across the river.

IMG_2493 2

Fourteen cedar waxwings on Feb. 22. I’ve read they don’t nest here and suspect they were looking for juniper berries while passing through. Trouble is, few berries to be had around here this drought-stricken winter.


Cowboy studies shod hoof prints — somewhat rare in “wild horse” country — amid pipeline inspector ATV tracks.


New house going up on the edge of public land, overlooking it all. Wonder what my neighbors down the hill thought when my house was the first to go up above theirs, just to the north of the public land, 26 years ago.

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