Little brother

Cowboy is a year old this month. This is sort of a birthday story.

He arrived here in August as a foster care tryout. We decided he should stay.

Here are some snapshots from his first seven months at dream ranch. And thanks to our neighbor Lori for the nice shot on the cover and the one lower of me texting.

⇓ Sickly and scrawny at the start, but displayed early interest in shoes. ⇓


Foster-care youngster sold me on permanent residency status as we watched his first rain.

Cowboy first rain

Made sure the place was safe for habitation. ⇓


Learned about bat signals. ⇓


Brought me things in the morning; helped me dress; took care of the landscaping; organized walks. ⇓

Dragged me up the hill. ⇓


Gnawed on bones with Sara.


Tumbled in town with Merc.


Waited on the boss. ⇓


Conceded role in sunglasses mystery. ⇓


And generally, I guess, held up his end of the bargain. ⇓


Happy birthday, Cowboy.

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