Back by popular demand, here are some recent Cowboy and sky photos for my social media-avoiding friends.

I’ve been posting photos of the new heeler puppy Cowboy on Facebook, but I have sisters and friends who won’t go to that spooky space. One sister won’t even go on the Internet. A couple of dogless friends just wanted more puppy pictures.

For a couple of months, I was too down in the dumps over the loss of Cooper and the intrusion of Trump — weary, too, from staying too long out in the high-noon glare of my own mortality — to visit my blog. But Cowboy seems to have recovered from the tick disease he came with and my own spirits are rising.

I haven’t had a puppy since 1990, adopting older dogs since then and enjoying the relative serenity of more mature companions. It’s a rodeo about 12 hours a day with Cowboy, but I gotta say that waking up with a warm puppy nearby — a sweet-smelling, soft-coated, smiling bundle of happiness, thinking no farther than breakfast –has helped my own perspective.

So, here you go, you non-Facebookers: More puppies and sky …

One thing about having a puppy around the house is that you can never be sure what they’re up to.


And they may feign innocence about a familiar puppy trick.


It takes a while to get them to this stage, but what an angel when he’s out.


Having friends like Merc and Sara helps a lot.

So does walking up the hill.


He’s not the poet that Cooper was, but he seems to enjoy sharing the outdoors with me just as much.

I’ve been trying to bring him up right. I tell him real cowboys sleep on the ground. But sometimes, I just let him do.


And, now, he’s tired of all this blogging stuff. Let the dinner bell ring!


And I have no photographic proof of this, but I lingered in the office after finishing here — until I heard the TV go on in the living room. My new dog had apparently turned it on with his nose to the satellite box, or whatever you call it. (I watched him turn it off the same way later). He was curled up in my fancy recliner, looking at “60 Minutes” on the screen. Now, I happen to find “60 Minutes,” kind of irritating, and I have an aversion to turning on the TV before dark, so I give this puppy a double credit for finding another way to get under my skin as well as mastering satellite television technology.

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