I was down in the dumps for a while but then realized I was reading only about Trump, Custer and the newspaper business.

My spirits are lifting now. I know there is no saving of the newspaper business as I knew it, but I remain hopeful about journalism and journalists.

I foresee Trump following in the footsteps of Custer, in terms of over-confidence and miscalculation.  I am not happy about a summer of heat, sweat and blood, but I have also learned that it rained in southeastern Montana on the night of June 25, 1876 — described as “cold and miserable” rain by Nathaniel Philbrick in The Last Stand  but, I have to think, cleansing and hopeful, in other ways, during a hot, dry month.

Fortunately, I ran across Washington Post editor Martin Baron’s commencement address at Temple University, and appreciated his  diagnosis of the times as well as his call to younger journalists: “Now you will be called upon to do remarkable things.”

Meanwhile, I have decided to have more fun.

I will continue to pursue my interest in the breaches of the Treaty of Laramie of 1868 as a key to understanding the transformation of a continent and the end of a way of life. But I also will continue trying to photograph green hummingbirds in cherry sage through my dining room window, with the efforts so far looking like this:

Why, I have asked, hide my beautiful old Trucker skis in the garage, even if I haven’t used them in years and never used them very well?


Maybe I’ll get them on the snow next year.

fools crow

My Custer reading continues to lead me down new trails. I’m a little embarrassed that I have only now gotten to James Welch, but am glad that I am there.

So, these notes are not just about losers,


but blue skies, too.

One thought on “Trump, Custer and the newspaper biz

  1. Siam says:

    Winter In The Blood is depressing too. But it has to be true, and the truth that came out of the narrative gloom was worth it in the end.
    (Always hoped my North Carolina mountain roots included Cherokees somewhere. Then a few months ago, got the Ancenstry DNA report. Native American: zero. . . Depressing.)

    Tnx for the newspaper gloom link, JR.


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