Three of my favorite places, with bay or mountains at the doorstep, and all with diagonal parking: Sausalito, California; Livingston, Montana; and Silverton, Colorado.

And a quote that has stuck with me since youth: “Elbow room,” cried Daniel Boone.

Sausalito is crowded beyond belief, especially since I lived there in the early 1960s, but you still can get out on the bay and Mount Tam and the Dipsea Trail still beckon to the north.

Silverton and Livingston have gotten a little tony, but it’s the country around them you go for anyway.

The Murray in Livingston used to have my favorite notepads anywhere. I stayed there on a trip north through the cow country around White Sulphur Springs, Lennep and Martinsdale, where my mother lived and my sisters grew up.

I used to ski around Molas Pass, above Silverton, and remember having to hug the bar at the Grand Imperial afterward because of a fencing tournament in the middle of the room.

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