Spring forward

IMG_3309IMG_3314Here are the hands on my clock, clouds and light.

Here is the sky I photographed last night and the sky I photographed this morning as I rose late from bed, remembering that I had forgotten to move the hands on my watch, reminding myself as I tried to catch wispy clouds, “Spring forward, fall back.”

It is the same big sky, though, and the time really didn’t matter.

My head has always been in the clouds. I am a lifelong day dreamer,  too philosophical for any practical good. I could have gotten a Ph.D. in window gazing, except that my dissertation still has a shaky beginning and an uncertain end. My first thought today, after a mental walkaround of self and dog, was about the form of these ethereal clouds.

I am still trying to spring forward, reaching for intellectual discipline, instead of falling back into drifting clouds. But I am also stuck with me.

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