celeb  How to be recognized as a celebrity:

  1. Wear giant sunglasses while walking through LAX in an abundance of outerwear, partially concealing a small dog.
  2. Carry a lidded Starbucks cup as you stroll through the Village with your spouse or partner in giant sunglasses, sloppy jeans and an abundance of outerwear.

How to prove your commander-in-chief and foreign policy chops when running for the Republican presidential nomination with no prior foreign policy or government experience:

  1. Go nuclear on a prominent television news anchor.
  2. Go nuclear on a newspaper editor in a small New England state.
  3. Refuse to debate when you suspect your opponents will go nuclear on you.

One thought on “Celebrity tips and other stuff I learned on Twitter today

  1. Tom Sharpe says:

    I already do these things, not knowing I was impersonating a celebrity.

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