IMG_0462Every now and then, the clouds just seem to start dancin’. IMG_0462

My friend Leah Beth Ward in Yakima, Wa., thought of an R.C. Gorman painting gorman when she saw my photograph. I suppose they could be Gloomies, headed toward Santa Fe and the next Zozobra burning, but Fiestas are still far away and these look too merry. I thought mostly of the Dance of the Maidens in the Alexander Borodin opera Prince Igor, aka …the melody of which sounds to me like subsequent renditions of “Strangers in Paradise.” Polovtsvian Dances


3 thoughts on “Dancers (updated with music)

  1. dreamrancher says:

    Frankly, the audio link I’ve added is more what I had in mind.

  2. dreamrancher says:

    I guess he is up there, isn’t he …

  3. Leah Beth Ward says:

    Looks a little like RC Gorman’s three Indian women blanketed.

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