Cooper is not a distance guy, especially at his age. But mostly it’s that thick black coat and his herding dog’s attentiveness. And maybe, like me, a couple of extra pounds. Even on our walks, he likes to take breaks in the shade and take things in. If I want any real exercise these days, I have to go on my own, or with our friends Lori and Sara down the road. But I don’t mind being a slowpoke, either. I’ll take pictures while he shades up. And I think we both count our good fortune to be able to get here from our front door. I’ve been calling this a vacation month, taking it at home. October may be my favorite time in New Mexico. Stillness and softer light. But there isn’t much Coop likes better than snow, so we’re looking forward to another winter, too.



One thought

  1. There’s nothing like a herding dog for loyalty and their ability to sit and scan the landscape. I will own nothing else. October is my favorite month hands down. Anywhere.

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