Came across so much good stuff lately, including:

  • Flower photo from my sister, Hope Harper, in Helena, Montana. (I mean to ask: chocolate flower, golden aster, golden eye?) (And I hate to tell my New Mexico brethren, but that’s the irrigation ditch running behind her house).
  • The several things in The New Yorker explaining Trump and populism.
  • The spaghetti carbonara I made for brunch on Sunday, even though I slept through most of the afternoon. carbonara
  • The three Season 4 episodes of Longmire I have watched so far, although the New Mexico scenery is so vivid it drives me a little nuts when they refer to Wyoming. The dialogue writing is exceptional and the performances of the subordinate characters — Vic, Ferg, Nighthorse, Ruby, Barlow and Barnes — are at least equaling Walt.
  • Discovering, thanks to @jfleck on Twitter, this new “non-profit news” site from southwestern Colorado: http://sjindependent.org/
  • The Thomas Friedman column “Walls, Borders, a Dome and Refugees” in the New York Times.
  • Any of Maureen Dowd’s columns on Donald J. Trump.
  • The New York Times coverage of Syrian refugees.
  • This Georgia O’Keeffe quote I came across on the blog RaShOmoN: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
  • Melissa Clark recipes via The New York Times.
  • The tremendous eyes, deep cognizance and deft writing of T.C. Boyle in the Tortilla Curtain, which I am only now catching up with but seems particularly timely.tortillacurtain
  • I thought this was a good and useful NYT op-ed about cancer. “Was it cancer? Getting the diagnosis.”
  • I should note that I’ve read a lot of good stuff in The Atlantic lately and have appreciate it’s renewed blogging effort. I sent them money for a subscription.
  • I also enjoyed reading reports on the Telluride Film Festival and experiences in Buddhism by my friend Larry Calloway on his Crestone, Colorado, website.
  • saraandstarI came across one of my favorite pictures of Sara, Cooper’s best friend, here nuzzling another kind of neighbor.
  • Cooper is fine, too, still living, I hope, the life of Riley and still contemplating, along with me, the meanings of life.Copp contemplates the day ahead.
  • I almost forgot today’s unusual rock or fossil. Don’t know whether it is a mollusk footprint, something chasing its tail in primordial mud or just a particularly neat biosignature, but it stared up at me from the dust this morning. .
  • rock
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