horsebacktextText messages from sister Hope tend to be special, kind of like a Charlie Russell postcard of the digital age.

In this case, it’s an iPhone text from the back of Jiggs and I think she was mostly worked up about the smoke from Washington wildfires clearing around her Montana home.

Actually, I’m fortunate to have a bunch of relatives who are great about keeping in touch, although I don’t think we’ll ever be able to convince sister Jane that email isn’t civilization’s end. Her hand-written letters, often accompanied by art, always are treasures, but a digital response is a lost cause unless brother-in-law Bill kindly intervenes.

If I could get hermetic brother Pat to put a little more blue in his streak — he just wrote me a very nice letter but it was the first of the year — I’d really be sitting pretty. But he’s probably too busy up there in Washington writing a novel that we’ll only learn about through good reviews.

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