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  1. Also, the New York Times has an incomplete Spanish name of the river. I’ve always read it is Rio de las Animas Perdidas. the Times left off the adjective, which means lost. River of Lost Souls.


    On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 6:35 AM, Larry Joseph Calloway wrote:

    > The EPA should have been mindful of the disaster about 20 years ago when > the floor of a mine tunnel at Silverton collapsed (due to melting of > permafrost) and drained a mountain lake into the Animas. . .. Reclamation > is possible, though at great expense to the successors of the mining > companies. Take the Idarado project at Telluride in which the huge tailings > pile at the head of the San Miguel has been hidden under a healthy > covering of alpine grass (expenses possibly recoverable by inflation of > real estate values). > > LC >

  2. Tyler and I drove by the Animas on Friday August 6. It was a sickly orange, as if it were bleeding. How sad !!

    1. River starting to clear to the north, I hear. Albuquerque tweeter @DavidNelsonNM has pointed out, in terms of water volume, that the Intel plant in Rio Ranch uses as much in a day and Albuquerque residential users use three times as much each day. However, long-term affects of concentrated release on wildlife, agriculture and drinking water still unknown. I knew that you ran into because Tyler called from a gas station in Durango to report your progress on the way home and asked why the river was yellow.

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