I wonder how far beyond “Happy” this Pharrell will go?

Could he be a lyrical inspiration globally for thoughtful youth?

If I were a reporter again, I would like to be off chasing the hopeful, non-violent leaders of the new world. I think I would start with Pharrell and Malala Yousafzai.

I’m not sure I understand the lyrics of “Freedom,” but I’m all for the song and video if the message is  “freedom” alone. Combined with the images in the video, my guess is this is how the words will be understood.

How exciting, anyway, to see young people with command of the world’s attention advocating thoughts of freedom and peace. Surely not the hard work of international diplomacy, as in the case of John Kerry, but, I sense, the inspiration for new world order.

I’m soon to be 66 years old but I cannot shake the idealism of my youth in the 60s and 70s.

I know I speak of platitudes but I believe young people had something to say then — and praise be the 26th Amendment —  and I believe they provide inspiration now.

One thought on “My new heroes: Pharrell and Malala

  1. Bob Heberle says:

    I’m in complete agreement. I read her book I Am Malala two years ago, and was so impressed. Now, listening to her Nobel Peace speech that you noted ( thankyou for the link, John) I am moreso impressed and inspired. Then this morning I hear the antithesis of her love and inclusion in the banal, spite-filled rhetoric of Trump and Huckabee. I don’t know what or how yet, but I am going to find some way to support the good espoused by Malala and Pharrell and others versus the petty, limited anger of these “mouths that roar.” Why does it seem that pettiness and parochialism seem to be more dominant than openness and idealism? I just don’t understand! Keep writing and posting, John. I’m sure it helps others as it does me. See you in August.

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