coffee4thIt’s the Fourth of July. I expect to be 66 next month.

I wake up, as usual, with thoughts of my lung cancer, but today they take a preventative tack instead of just morbid.

I wonder whether the pasta primavera I made for dinner last night qualified as anti-carcinogenic. I remind myself I should get out on a walk with Cooper before the temperature climbs.july4amwest It’s 66 degrees at 7 a.m. We’ll be looking at 90 later on.

Coop, I suspect, is still exhausted from yesterday’s thunderstorms, but things otherwise look promising. It’s a little hazy over the mesas, but forest fire smoke is common this time of year. I suspect there’s also moisture lingering from last night. It’s deep blue higher up and white clouds are rising.

I check the iPad for the precipitation outlook, then see a Twitter photo of Caroline Kennedy standing at attention in an Uncle Sam hat. This icon of grief looks like she might be having fun.


Apparently taken and tweeted by Ambassador Patrick Gaspard @patrickgaspard.

I set the coffee water to boiling, open windows closed to keep out last night’s rain and step outside to sample the air, scan the views.

No fat diamondback to greet me on the front porch, like the other day. Things continue to look up.

I’m thinking Caroline Kennedy looked younger than her 57 years. My guess is that she was happy doing whatever it was she doing this Fourth of July day.

coopdoorI make Coop wait through a second cup of coffee before we hit the trail for our slightly lung-impaired walk. No aches this morning and, despite the diminished horsepower, I feel fairly strong.

We will do the right things today, just take them slow. I vow to eat fruits and vegetables of different colors.  We’ll get outdoors early so I can retire to my reading space before the thunderstorms hit. Coop will be spared the heat and hopefully he can nap.

I am reminded by the note on my desk that I want to read Tobias Wolff’s short story, “Bullet in the Brain,” but, I assure you, for literary purposes only.

desknote I hope the celebratory Fourth of July gunfire won’t be too bad tonight. That bothers Coop, too. But now it’s time to get out there and dodge them snakes.

And happy trails to Caroline Kennedy, my fellow American.

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