What if the president of the United States showed up at the Emanuel AME church service in Charleston on Sunday?

What if we all showed up and prayed for the victims of the shootings Wednesday and an end to the hatred of hundreds of years?

What if we all showed up in Columbia and stood hand-in-hand at the state Capitol to ask that a symbol pernicious to most be taken from the flagpole?

Charleston is another turning point in our time. Facing evil probably never ends. But I believe many will show up.

2 thoughts on “Charleston: What if?

  1. Thanks, Tyler. I still believe we shall overcome.

  2. tyhebs says:

    I love this, John. It is something that totally should be organized; a bit reminiscent of the Selma marches. Unfortunately, this means that the opposition will be quite vocal… but if peace doesn’t get the same attention bloodshed does, where will we go as a species? This seems to be our problem lately.

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