eastboundcloudsThe only thing that might make the morning better is a little rain this afternoon.

Fine breeze through office windows early, undermining the usual high pressure and heat of June.

Clouds gathering now and we hear thunder over the Jemez. Exciting to me but, I have to remember, not welcomed by everyone here. Cooper has taken cover beside my desk. coopcredenza

One of the luxuries of retirement is having real time to read — more than the minutes before falling asleep on a work day. I have stacks of books and I reach wherever my mind roams. No discipline as usual — except maybe in deeply recessed index files of my brain — but rules are out the window these days. Plus, I recently came across a great observation from a fellow mature person — a female author, but I can’t find the quote — that one of the privileges of adulthood is that you don’t have to finish every book you start.

booksBefore I head to my books, I can’t resist sharing a photograph I stumbled to in a Maureen Dowd column this morning in the New York Times. It’s an Annie Leibovitz photo for Vogue of Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. It’s two years old but it struck me as a testament for our times. It reminds me of a Renaissance painting, but the title that lept into my head was 21st Century Madonna. You can see it here.

Meanwhile, I can’t get out of my mind American Pharoah’s amazing, long stride. Victor Espinoza, his rider for the Triple Crown, described riding him as cloudlike. “You don’t even feel him,” he said. “It feels like you are going in slow motion.” I think I saw some use of the crop in the Belmont stretch, but apparently it wasn’t as much as in the Kentucky Derby.

220px-ACircleOfDeception1960PosterWatched a good little World War II drama at 2 in the morning. Circle of Deception, 1960. Worth adding to anyone’s collection of wartime morality stories. An officer is assigned to carry false information to the Germans about the Normandy invasion.

I liked this tweet and photo yesterday from the U.S. Embassy in France and retweeted them:

dday#Today in 1944, 73,000 American forces landed in Normandy on . 6,603 died.

I’m off to the books and watching for the rain. I see a couple of anvils up by La Bajada and Santa Fe. I’m hoping but know from experience that down here we’ll probably get no more than the virga of last night. virga

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