• While pondering this morning whether to cook bacon for breakfast, my mind was diverted to coinciding events in New Mexico: the Good Friday pilgrimage to Chimayo; the Trinity Site opening at White Sands; the full moon coming.


  • Is New Mexico unusual? All I’m sure of is that the skies seem clearer here. You know how those painters talked about the light. So, why do we live here despite the weight and pain and frustrations of enduring poverty?
  • Do the light and relatively small human presence simply and more clearly reveal, or sharpen, contrasts?  I am trying to figure out why, the older I get, the more interested I am in painting as a form of expression or understanding.
  • Back to the bacon. It’s left over my sister’s Hope’s recent visit. Do I throw it out or cook it up, despite my coronary artery disease? I have that, in addition to lung cancer. But it’s a fine morning in New Mexico. I am recently retired and my dog was beside me when I woke. The sky is blue, of course. Another cup of coffee, perhaps. Coopbed

One thought on “Field notes: Blue sky and open questions in New Mexico

  1. Cook up the bacon. Fry up a couple eggs, over easy, and hash browns, crispy. Top all with 505 Southwestern Green Chile sauce. Sop up the remains with green chile cheese toast.

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