Felt new trail lay ahead this morning.

First round of cancer treatment ended Wednesday. Follow-ups to come, but didn’t have to drive early to Albuquerque for the first time in a couple of months for radiation or chemo. Retirement from the Journal announced Tuesday, and didn’t have to head there either.

Hope, in the hat, on late afternoon walk with me, is on her way back to Montana after a five-day visit, dropping Will off first with Winifred, Tom, Nancy and Adam for a spring-break stay in Utah.

Weather service said clouds at sunset last night meant weather coming in, but it dawned clear.

Tried sleeping in, but Coop wasn’t going for it.


One thought on “Field notes: New trail

  1. Bob Heberle says:

    Morning, John … I just came in from outside where I saw Scorpio in the southern sky. Summer is indeed coming! I’m so happy for you that the first step in your battle against that cancer went so well. I’m sure the April report can’t come soon enough. But in the meantime enjoy your retirement! You deserve it and it truly is WONDERFUL!!!!! I can attest to that. I’m glad Coop is there to remind you mornings are the best. Stay strong, John … I send friendship from here in Woodland.

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