I’m taking a break from trying to unravel TV mysteries, or at least publishing my attempts. I’ve only been at it a week, but I’ve already lost confidence in my theories.clouseau

No sooner did I applaud the introduction of the urbane drug crook Nacho in “Better Call Saul” than my friend Isabel Sanchez suggested he could be a fed. I had not considered a sting.

Then, catching up with “Downton Abbey,” my theory that Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham were behind the murder of the evil Mr. Green seemed to crack. Was there not a suggestion in this week’s episode that Mr. Barrow might have taken him out?

I’m going to let the screenwriters provide more clues before I call everyone into the drawing room and reveal my genius. Of course, at the rate I’m going, that could mean the season finales.

My track record is well known in the newspaper office, where I often have had the tendency in real life to believe bad guys are good guys — up to the point of their convictions. Just ask Gallagher.

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