Have not once dozed off in new, birthday easy chair. Somehow wary of its comforts. Meanwhile, aching joints convincing me that if you don’t use it, you do in fact lose it. Slow learner probably should have put off chair investment a while longer.

chair cookies


And combination of chair and sweets perhaps not the best way to celebrate a 65th birthday, but the cookies — what’s left of them — are great. (And, as insiders know: oatmeal raisin — my favorite). Thanks, Winifred.

The cookie-accompanying card from Nancy, the nice call from Jane and the  poem from Hope cheered me greatly and made me yearn to be closer to each of them.

But as for writing about anything other than chairs and cookies after a week at work, I recall the quote of Sheriff Morey Johnson in Lonely Are the Brave, staring up into the Sandias as Jack Burns and Whiskey escaped — sort of:

“I haven’t got enough spit left to wet a stick of gum.”


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