In the news this Friday, Sept. 27, 2013 morning:

Climate change: Scientists can now say with extreme confidence that human activity is the dominant cause of the global warming observed since the 1950s, a new report by an international scientific group said Friday. Calling man-made warming “extremely likely,” the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change used the strongest words yet on the issue as it adopted its assessment on the state of the climate system.

Obamacare, defunding: Three polls released this week confirm that Americans oppose defunding Obamacare — even though the polls also show dissatisfaction with the law. (CNBC, Bloomberg, New York Times-CBS).

Iran and nuclear weapons: Later Friday, President Barack Obama spoke by phone to the president of Iran about Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. This was the first conversation between the heads of the two states since 1979.

And catching up on magazine and website reading:

Forbes magazine piece on “Breaking Bad: ” “Why ‘Breaking Bad’ Is The Best Show Ever and Why That Matters”

And an interesting Daily Beast piece on Twitter and the Internet: “In Defense of Jonathan Franzen” 

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