Low tech

Bye-bye swamp cooler. Hello Oracle.

Team USA and Oracle outsailed New Zealand again  in America’s Cup  on Monday (Race 16).  They’ll sail again on Tuesday. Points now 8-6 in first-to-9 series. As I’ve said before, I just want the Cup defense to stay on San Francisco Bay.

And, no, I did not take off work so I could watch this on TV. I’m having a new furnace and an air conditioner installed. Central air for Cooper. He’ll be more comfortable, but I wonder what  Albuquerque-area life will be like without swamp cooler jokes.

Don’t know whether to say good riddance to the thing or not. They’re pretty reliable for all their Rube Goldberg-ishness. Mine was 21 years old and humming along. They just don’t do well during monsoon season and the higher humidity.


Swamp cooler

Meanwhile, who thought the sailing of 72-foot catamarans with carbon-fiber “wingsails” would be fun to watch?

High tech


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